Route 45

Anybody who ever visited  Val Trebbia certainly knows the bends, the canyons and the openings of route 45 (strada statale 45) which links Piacenza to Genoa, Emilia Romagna  and Liguria, the inland and the sea.

The route is a vital communication network for the valley and is often talked about due to the lack of maintenance causing issues to the traffic and transport due to landslides occurring especially in the most inner parts of the route. 

History unfolded along this route which also inspired poet Giorgio Caproni and was portrayed in Fabrizio Lo Presti’s documentary Statale 45. Io, Giorgio Caproni, route 45 is visited by tourists, commuters and all sorts of travelers every year.

Created by Stefania Gessi

Route of dreams to someone, route of hell for many others due to its never ending bends: what does route 45 represent for you?

Let us know about it!

Created by Stefania Gessi

3 thoughts on “Route 45

  1. spazz says:

    Ya know, I like how you think. Its a good thing we still have people in the world like you. You definitly know the ups and downs of things. I wish you luck in Val Trebbia. I wish I had a way there cuz it sounds pretty peaceful there. Its a nice little valley. I’ve been there when I was thirteen. I’m nineteen now almost twenty, so i dont know how much has changed in the past 6-7 years, but it sounds like its the same. Oh and i wish u luck with your shop to. Good Luck my friend.

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