Open call: digitise your grandparents

They were born in a very different world from the one they live in today, a world with no computers, televisions and very few phones but they witnessed incredible historical events in the course of their life, sometimes bigger than them…and they love to tell and re-tell the same stories all over again, always using the same words.  

We often take our grandparents’ stories for granted, we know them  by heart, but what we tend to forget is that their narration will not be with us forever.

Why not teach your granparents to surf the Web too?


I want to launch a small LIVING ARCHIVE of the valley through thi blog: technology is becoming less expensive and a simple MP3 player often features also a sound recorder, which can also be found in most PC’s (look under accessories and you will find a program called sound recorder in Windows). You won’t need an external microphone or expensive equipment, if your PC has a built-in camera it also has a built-in microphone.

Next time you are with your granparents, uncles and aunties or relatives, why not record their stories in an audio file?

Help me create a small “documentary” section dedicated to the History of Val Trebbia and I count on your contributions to make it work. Nowadays it is easy to cut out the middle men and expenses of the creative process and produce high quality media material.

Help me build the living archive of Val Trebbia

You can contact me via email at and send your audio files together with a short presentation of the story you wish to give to the archive. Do not worry about the format, we will help you edit the file if it needs to.

See you soon with the first podcast about the stories of my grandparents.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need technical support!



Free software to record, edit and mix sounds

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