An Englishman in Val Trebbia- podcast (English only)

Val Trebbia is known also beyond the borders of Italy. Although not a resort for mass-tourism the charme of its wild nature, relaxing landscapes and traditional lifestyle attract many tourists every year, especially during the summer season. David is a British student of Globalization and Development at Maastricht University and visited Val Trebbia for the first time on Easter 2008. In this audio contribution he tells his first impressions of Rovegno, Bobbio, the river Trebbia and… 

When did you visit Val Trebbia for the first time?

What did you think of your journey along Route 45? Were you scared when you saw how deep were the canyons and how winding and narrow was the road?

River Trebbia snaking alongside Route 45 in winter

What do you think of river Trebbia?

Summer 2010, cliff-jumping in the Trebbia at Fragolino

Would you recommend it for cliff jumping?

You also visited the Colonia di Rovegno, which is nowadays is not much more than a ruin although it dates back to the Fascist period of Italy. What did you think of it?

"A place like Bobbio makes you realize how lucky Italians are to live in a country full of monuments, monasteries and historical buildings"

On your way to Rovegno you stopped to visit Bobbio: what were your first impressions about the town?

Do you think increasingly more people will go back to live in Val Trebbia?

"I know they are a delicacy but...."

Did you try the local porcini mushrooms?

Are you looking forward to your next visit to Val Trebbia?

One thought on “An Englishman in Val Trebbia- podcast (English only)

  1. Stephen says:

    Who is the strange sounding Englishman answering these questions? He sounds very laid back and in love with Italy. xxx
    Steve 🙂

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