Broadband in rural areas: yes we can!

Broadband arrives in Lyddington (

Broadband in rural areas is a concrete issue preventing the economic development of rural areas. In the information age it is vital to be able to access  a fast Internet connection. This post presents a source of inspiration from a small village in the English countryside whre 400 residents and a £ 37.000 investment brought broadband to every home. 

Broadband access can boost the creation of small businesses in rural areas, offer a valid alternative to life in the big city and, as a consequence, improve the services offered to the population of the valley and everyone already living and working there.

Is it science fiction?

No, it can raelly happen, as the example of a small rural village in Rutland (Lyddington in the UK) shows: 400 residents, fed up with being cut off the rest of the world and to be forced to give up interesting business opportunities, took action and radically changed their reality.

Thanks to a £ 37.000 investment, the 400 residents of Lyddington now enjoy a 40Mbps broadband connection with an average speed of 25Mbps.

“The service is delivered using VDSL2 equipment from Zhone Technologies which are housed inside a street cabinet, similar to those BT is erecting in many urban areas at the moment. This cabinet, acting as a ‘mini telephone exchange’ is then connected to the BT cabinet in a process known as ‘sub-loop unbundling’ with Rutland Telecom being responsible for the backhaul from the cabinet all the way to the Internet” reports

The private investors count on being fully refunded within three years and are already very enthusiastic about the new service, which is considered “ometimes better than, those in the centre of London and other cities”.

So, is this something to think about?


BBC video feature about Lyddington Rutland village installs own high speed broadband

Web article

Articles in the Italian press:

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