A crowdsourcing exercise: help find out who owns the Colonia di Rovegno?

What will be the future of the Colonia di Rovegno? (photo: frank@piaseinza.com)

The Rovegno Rave Party article published some weeks ago started a very lively, controversial and unfortunately not always civilized discussion on Rovegno’s Facebook Group in the past few days.

Although opinions might differ, and tones might get heated sometimes, I would like to thank everybody taking part in the discussion for helping me find a new question to pose.

A member of the Facebook Group rightly pointed out that the Colonia di Rovegno is private property: we all know the state of decay the building is in, so I would like to ask your help for a small crowdsourcing excercise.

The question I want to share with you is:

Who owns the Colonia di Rovegno?

Use the Internet, ask your friends and families, search for documents and sources: knowing this little piece of information would be useful to understand what the future of the site will be.

Why was it bought by private investors? Was there ever any plan to convert the site into a different kind of structure or activity?

Your comments are welcome on the blog or at the email address altavaltrebbia@gmail.com

For more images of Colonia di Rovegno please visit the website

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