Cutting out the middleman: how to fund Val Trebbia with Kickstarter

By now everybody should be quite clear about the many possibilities the Internet can offer for the development of  local communities.

In case some of you are still skeptical, here comes a further example of how ordinary people are making a difference all over the world, day after day, step by step, through small grass roots projects.

Ideas are born everyday all over the world (yes also in Val Trebbia), but the majority of potentially good projects never comes to its fulfillment. Sometimes the issue is just about lack of funding, other times about lack of skills, most of the times about being lazy.

Thank God we have a quick fix to almost every problem these days!

Kickstarter is a crowd funding platform launched in 2008 with the aim of facilitating “gathering monetary resources from the general public, a model which circumvents many traditional avenues of investment”, as an article published in Technology Review reads. The idea behind crowd funding, and Kickstarter, is cutting out the middlemen interfering in he production process of an artwork, or a project in general, and its reception by the general public.

Kickstarter's website

The nature of the projects launched on the website can be very diverse: from art to documentaries, from photography to events, even campaigns find a place on Kickstarter. Up Greek Tourism is an example of a crowd funding campaign launched by volunteers all over the world to support Greek tourism..

Everybody can start a project on Kickstarter (or other similar sites), the important things is to provide the audience with an outline of the project, to let them know what your idea is about and be as transparent as possible. If the project reaches the funding target set by its creator, it is ready to take off. Otherwise funds are reallocated to the donors and no money is wasted.

Crowdfunding  is a method bringing citizens and individuals closer to bypass external organizations and eliminate the monopoly on creativity and cultural diversity.

Many projects have already been funded this way: Debtocracy,  a documentary about the current Greek economic crisis is one of the most famous ones.

Val Trebbia could also benefit from such projects and blossom again through crowd funding.

Sometimes help comes from the least expected sources.

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