Ready, steady, go: Liguria 2012, an orienteering competition in Val Trebbia

A perfect background for the competition: one of Val Trebbia's many woods

From April 21st to the 24th, the villages of  Rovegno and Fontanarossa will welcome more than 500 athletes for the  Liguria 2012 orienteering competition.  We spoke to  Gianluca Carbone, one of the organisers, and Barbara Bologna, secretary of Sport in Val Trebbia, the organisation created by  Carlo Carenini, head of the tourism office of Rovegno. 



1. How was Sport in Val Trebbia born?

Gianluca: The organisation was born following a double track: my idea was to try and set up another big event, after the experience we did in 2008, but with a new kind of organisation and spirit. The new project would not just be linked to  Fisoliguria, but assume the shape of an organizing committee including other organisations that could support us from a logistics point of view, so that we could also count on personnel non strictly based in Liguria. Carlo Carenini’s wish, as member of a local board, was to create events that could boost local tourism and promote the valley with the help of other organisations, hence the orienteering idea.

Barbara: In 2008 we organised the middle championship city center trophy, two quite big competitions on a national level.

2. Who is part of Sport in Val Trebbia?

Gianluca: The people taking part in the project come from Val Trebbia and beyond. Sport in Val Trebbia is made of the villages listed on our website, their mayors, us and originally also the Comunita’ Montana, which unfortunately no longer exists. Ours is a open group hoping to welcome new members and our aim is to support and promote the economic and touristic development of the valley through sport, from orienteering to mountain biking and so on…

3. What is the relationship between Sport in Val Trebbia and the locals?

Gianluca: We are surely known locally, but people are always quite skeptical here.

The logo of Sport in Val Trebbia

4. Who are your followers?

Barbara: Usually they are people from Italy, the average age is quite high as it is difficult to attract young people, who are more interested in other kinds of sports, such as football. Their first impressions? I think last year they appreciated the locations, the woods and Monte Cavalla and Casa del Romano in particular.

5. Did you ever consider cooperating with local schools to offer orienteering courses or events? 

Gianluca: It was one of our main aims (but Carlo no longer believes it will happen, unfortunately).

6. How does your organisation contribute to promote Val Trebbia?

Gianluca: We want to link sport and tourism to revive this field, which is slowly dying out as the usual participants increasingly leave.

Liguria 2012: Press Release

Coppa Italia, Trofeo Nazionale Centri Storici and two regional championships: from 21 to 25 Aprile, Genova and Val Trebbia will be the background for  Liguria 2012, a five-day quality orienteering competition.

Thanks to the orienteering clubs of the Liguria region and the local authorities, more than 500 athletes will take part in the event.

From the beautiful woods of Val Trebbia – the most beautiful valley in the world, according to Hemigway – to the Nervi park facing the sea, to the city center of Genoa, Liguria 2012 will be an important showcase to promote orienteering in Liguria. In 2013 a five-day international competition will be organised exclusively in Val Trebbia.

Here is the program:

21 April

Middle Championship Liguria and trofeo Lombardia (ore 15.00)

22 April Coppa Italia Middle (ore 10.00) Rovegno
23-24 April Training Fontanarossa/Rovegno
24 April Liguria Sprint Night Championship  (ore 21.00) Parchi di Nervi, Genova
25 April Trofeo nazionale Centri Storici ore  10.00) Genova

For more details and information please visit the website.

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