A summer of events in Val Trebbia? Start your own now!

Summer is surely one of the best seasons to discover Val Trebbia at its best. Although visitors come to the valley attracted by its unspoilt nature and relaxing surroundings, the local entertainment program organised by smaller villages is not as varied as it could be. If you care for Val Trebbia and want to help others discover its beauty and stories, here is an idea of how to do it.

The general Italian approach to improving things is 1) complain about what’s not working, 2) wait for a solution to fall from the sky. Problems or improvements are always someone else’s duty, hence nothing ever changes and people are stuck in a spyral of discontent.

During my teenage years, I often heard people my age complaining about the lack of entertainment options in the smallest villages of Val Trebbia. Back then we did not really have the Internet, or all this great technology, which nowadays allows us to draw inspiration from all sides of the world.

Many interresting and skilled people live in Val Trebbia or spend their summer holidays there, and there are many online tools helping those with inquisitive mind and active souls connect with eqully eager visitors from Italy and abroad, looking for new things and stories to experience.

Websites like Meetup provide free to use platforms to organise gatherings, events and all sorts of sport, cultural, artistic or social initiatives without the need of any intermediary.


Meetup: a platform to organise and promote your events

Do you want to organise a trekking trip in the woods around Rovegno, a swimming competition in the Trebbia, an excursion to Lake Brugneto, a picnic with international visitors, or an art exhibition? You simply need to create your group or event and promote it on your social networks.

Meetup groups can be organised for any topic: teach Finnish in Rovegno,  explore the old copper mines, visit the Colonia, go on a star gazing trip and do anything you love.

Involve your friends and family, and spread the word.

If you look for inspiration, you can check this Meetup Group I joined in Rome last year: Rome Explorers organises trekking and cultural activities in and around Rome. To take part in the activities, members are only asked to cover their own transportation costs and entry fees to museums and such. Sometimes a small participation fee might be also asked, and payments are managed online via Paypal.

A screenshot of the Rome Explorers group on Meetup

A screenshot of the Rome Explorers group on Meetup


Do you feel you have something to contribute to the valley’s next summer? Wait no longer, organise your event now, and have lots of fun!

Credits: featured image by evvnt.com

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