New Old Pic of Beautiful River Trebbia

Dear friends of Altavaltrebbia,

a very long time has passed since the last post on altavaltrebbiablog. For many reasons I was not able to take care of the blog, and lots has changed since the last time I wrote.

The “most beautiful valley in the world” is always on my mind, and more than ever I would love as many new visitors to come and share its stories.

I am publishing a few new old pictures of the Trebbia, which in my mind is THE iconic river, hoping they will inspire you to come and swim in its turquoise waters next summer.

These pictures were taken in summer 2012, along the Statale 45 between the villages of Ottone and Rovegno (location Rocca dei Corvi and bridge to Fontanarossa).

Knowing the unspoilt nature of Val Trebbia, I trust everything has stayed very much the same.

Come and explore one of the Italy’s last pieces of paradise next summer!


P ictures: copyright of Claudia Costa

English Version

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