It took an elephant…

Surus: il monte/elefante che Paolo Guglielmetti ricollega alla battaglia del Trebbia

It is ironic that the promotion of the valley should be carried out by an elephant. Surus, the elephant of the Trebbia, created by the skillful touch of photographer Paolo Guglielmetti , unwitingly became the promoter of Val Trebbia. It is ironic that a fantasy creation now represents the need of the valley to open up to the rest of the world but at the same time this is also a spot-on metaphor for Val Trebbia itself: a sleeping beauty waiting to be rediscovered, an enchanted creature forgotten by time that now can come back to life thanks to the imagination and the initiative of the inhabitants of the valley where it rests. We asked Paolo Guglielmetti to tell us more about the back-stage of the pictures he took and that portray Surus as well as the comics/newspaper which carries its name and of his personal link to Val Trebbia. Continue reading