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A summer of events in Val Trebbia? Start your own now!

Summer is surely one of the best seasons to discover Val Trebbia at its best. Although visitors come to the valley attracted by its unspoilt nature and relaxing surroundings, the local entertainment program organised by smaller villages is not as varied as it could be. If you care for Val Trebbia and want to help others discover its beauty and stories, here is an idea of how to do it. Continue reading “A summer of events in Val Trebbia? Start your own now!”


Where daffodils blossom

Feeling like an outdoor trip, a day out immersed in the nature and surrounded by breathtaking views? Altavaltrebbia.net and Associazione Amici di Fontanarossa are organising two free excursions to Pian della Cavalla to witness the wonderful show nature renews every year in the daffodil season.  Continue reading “Where daffodils blossom”


Nuove immagini della Val Trebbia/New Images of Val Trebbia

Si ringrazia Marco Gallione per le immagini pubblicate in questo post. 

Special thanks to Marco Gallione for the images published in this post. 

Ulteriori immagini sono disponibili a questo link o sul sito www.altavaltrebbia.net.

Please find more images here or on the webiste www.altavaltrebbia.net.

Continue reading “Nuove immagini della Val Trebbia/New Images of Val Trebbia”