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The best places to swim in the Trebbia

While driving along statale 45 from Genoa to Piacenza last weekend, I was very surprised to notice the high number of visitors having a swim or sunbathing on the banks of river Trebbia. It’s not August yet, the month that normally welcomes the most visitors, but the river has already become a favourite weekend destination!

Although river Trebbia is well known, perhaps not everybody is aware that its wildest part is the section of the river running after Bobbio towards Genoa. Amazing hidden corners and little lakes are a proper feature of the river in Alta Val Trebbia and offer views that rival the beaches of Croatia, Cote d’Azur and other “exotic” holiday resorts.

This post offers an overview of the best spots to swim and relax on the river. Geographical coordinates are also included and all pictures are taken from Panoramio and Google Earth.

Have a nice time on river Trebbia!

Coordinates: 44°44’44.59″ N   9°23’14.91″ E

Coordinates: 44°44’39.07″ N   9°23’15.29″ E

Coordinates: 44°44’39.07″ N   9°23’15.29″ E

Coordinates: 44°44’14.52″ N   9°22’48.34″ E

Coordinates: 44°43’24.18″ N   9°23’01.27″ E

Coordinates: 44°42’08.46″ N   9°22’41.59″ E

Coordinates: 44°41’16.31″ N   9°18’25.74″ E

I could not find many pictures of the river between  Marsaglia and Rovegno and I would be very thankful if you could share some with me and the Alta Val Trebbia blog’s followers.

Shall you have some, don’t hesitate to contact altavaltrebbia@gmail.com!

Featured image courtesy of Foter

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Una poesia d’immagini/ A poetry of images

Si, e’ tutto vero! La Val Trebbia offre veramente panorami di questo tipo. Le immagini conenute in questo post sono state gentilmente condivise da Giacomo A. Turco. Vi invito a visitare il suo profilo su Panoramio per scoprire altre meravigliose immagini della Val Trebbia e altri siti in Italia e nel mondo. 

Yes, this is really Val Trebbia! The images published in this post were taken by Giacomo A. Turco who kindly agreed to share them on altavaltrebbia blog. If you can’t get enough of these beautiful pictures, visit Giacomo’s profile on Panoramio where you will find more shots of Val Trebbia as well as other locations all over the world.  Continue reading “Una poesia d’immagini/ A poetry of images”

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Expo Altavaltrebbia 2012: an unmissable event for next Summer

Since 2009 Expo Alta Val Trebbia has become an unmissable event of the summer season. Organised in the woods of Loco di Rovegno (location Giaia), the event takes place in July. We spoke to Stefano Parodi, one of the organisers, who in this post unveils the backstage of the Expo which, started as a grass roots event, is now attracting more than ten thousand visitors eager to discover the entrepreneurial spirit of Val Trebbia.  Continue reading “Expo Altavaltrebbia 2012: an unmissable event for next Summer”

Le interviste della valle/ Interviews from the valley

A neolithic village on the banks of river Trebia- discovering Travo’s Archaeological Park

What was life in Val Trebbia like in the neolithic? Maria Maffi,  head of Travo’s Archaeological Park tells the story of the neolithic settlement of S. Andrea in Travo and explains how the project for the park started.  Continue reading “A neolithic village on the banks of river Trebia- discovering Travo’s Archaeological Park”

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Ready, steady, go: Liguria 2012, an orienteering competition in Val Trebbia

A perfect background for the competition: one of Val Trebbia's many woods

From April 21st to the 24th, the villages of  Rovegno and Fontanarossa will welcome more than 500 athletes for the  Liguria 2012 orienteering competition.  We spoke to  Gianluca Carbone, one of the organisers, and Barbara Bologna, secretary of Sport in Val Trebbia, the organisation created by  Carlo Carenini, head of the tourism office of Rovegno. 

Continue reading “Ready, steady, go: Liguria 2012, an orienteering competition in Val Trebbia”

English Version, Vivere e lavorare in Alta Val Trebbia/ Live and work in Alta Val Trebbia

Into the wild: Sports in Open Space @Marsaglia

Gabriella Poggi is part of the staff of Sports in Open Space, the outdoor sports center based in Marsaglia. Kayak, rafting, canyoning and nomad camps are all part of the offer of this base camp located on the river banks of the Trebbia.  In this short interview  Gabriella explains how the project was born and what are the main challenges Val Trebbia must face these days.  Continue reading “Into the wild: Sports in Open Space @Marsaglia”

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Cutting out the middleman: how to fund Val Trebbia with Kickstarter

By now everybody should be quite clear about the many possibilities the Internet can offer for the development of  local communities.

In case some of you are still skeptical, here comes a further example of how ordinary people are making a difference all over the world, day after day, step by step, through small grass roots projects. Continue reading “Cutting out the middleman: how to fund Val Trebbia with Kickstarter”

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Rave Party@ Colonia di Rovegno: the advantages of a modern approach

Colonia Montana: a relic of the past? (Courtesy of piacenza24.eu)

The debate about rave parties is always the focus of controversy and rumors: moralists on one side are opposed to what they call “DRUG PARTIES” while supporters of these events claim their right of free association on public ground. Continue reading “Rave Party@ Colonia di Rovegno: the advantages of a modern approach”