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Broadband in rural areas: yes we can!

Broadband arrives in Lyddington (photo:thinkbroadband.com)

Broadband in rural areas is a concrete issue preventing the economic development of rural areas. In the information age it is vital to be able to access  a fast Internet connection. This post presents a source of inspiration from a small village in the English countryside whre 400 residents and a £ 37.000 investment brought broadband to every home.  Continue reading “Broadband in rural areas: yes we can!”


Italy’s enchanted valley- articolo sul sito inglese The Culture Trip

The Culture Trip e’ un sito inglese dedicato alla scoperta di tutti i pasei del mondo esplorati tramite il loro patrimonio storico, ambientale, culturale, culinario e popolare. Continue reading “Italy’s enchanted valley- articolo sul sito inglese The Culture Trip”