An internet start-up in Val Trebbia: why not?

Better Internet connections in Val Trebbia can offer a very profitable alternative for small businesses, start-ups, freelancers and service providers based in Italian cities and bigger towns. 

Val Trebbia is full of abandoned or not inhabited houses or flats, which could be rented for a lower prize than premises located in cities or town centers. Services such as translation, advertising, marketing, web or graphic design studios, even small call centers and in general all online businesses could be based in Val Trebbia, thus benefiting from lower rental rates or estate sale prizes.  The beauty of working online is the freedom it grants to work virtually from everywhere.

An office with a view…like this.

Beyond being an advantage for small entrepreneurs, favouring the development of this kind of services would bring back some vitality to the otherwise almost extinct villages of Val Trebbia and maybe even inspire someone to live there through the whole year.

Whole ghost villages would be lived in again and, together with freelancers, local shops and service could blossom again

However, this kind of solution is addressed to small businesses or freelancer who ideally already have a client base or customer network and can afford working remotely.

Big multinationals are becoming  a relic of the past and nowadays a two-room flat can easily be converted into a small studio employing 5 or 6 people.

Having a fast and reliable Internet connection is the key to success of this idea.

Everybody would be a winner…

Links (a few hints for a property search in Val Trebbia)

Images  courtesy of Foter

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