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The best places to swim in the Trebbia

While driving along statale 45 from Genoa to Piacenza last weekend, I was very surprised to notice the high number of visitors having a swim or sunbathing on the banks of river Trebbia. It’s not August yet, the month that normally welcomes the most visitors, but the river has already become a favourite weekend destination!

Although river Trebbia is well known, perhaps not everybody is aware that its wildest part is the section of the river running after Bobbio towards Genoa. Amazing hidden corners and little lakes are a proper feature of the river in Alta Val Trebbia and offer views that rival the beaches of Croatia, Cote d’Azur and other “exotic” holiday resorts.

This post offers an overview of the best spots to swim and relax on the river. Geographical coordinates are also included and all pictures are taken from Panoramio and Google Earth.

Have a nice time on river Trebbia!

Coordinates: 44°44’44.59″ N   9°23’14.91″ E

Coordinates: 44°44’39.07″ N   9°23’15.29″ E

Coordinates: 44°44’39.07″ N   9°23’15.29″ E

Coordinates: 44°44’14.52″ N   9°22’48.34″ E

Coordinates: 44°43’24.18″ N   9°23’01.27″ E

Coordinates: 44°42’08.46″ N   9°22’41.59″ E

Coordinates: 44°41’16.31″ N   9°18’25.74″ E

I could not find many pictures of the river between  Marsaglia and Rovegno and I would be very thankful if you could share some with me and the Alta Val Trebbia blog’s followers.

Shall you have some, don’t hesitate to contact altavaltrebbia@gmail.com!

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See you very, very soon Alta Val Trebbia!

Altavaltrebbia blog is coming home!

Due to unforeseen events, the blog will be in Val Trebbia for a while as of the first week of July.

It’s the perfect occasion to meet everybody who contributed to the blog so far and anybody who might want to contribute in the future.


Drop us a line via email or get in touch via Twitter and let’s forget about Internet communication and go back to good old face-to-face conversation for once!

If you have a story to tell, a project to promote, an event or audio-visual material to share, this is the occasion to meet up and talk about it!

See you very, very soon Val Trebbia!

Images courtesy of frank@piaseinza.com and Foter


Nuove immagini della Val Trebbia/New Images of Val Trebbia

Si ringrazia Marco Gallione per le immagini pubblicate in questo post. 

Special thanks to Marco Gallione for the images published in this post. 

Ulteriori immagini sono disponibili a questo link o sul sito www.altavaltrebbia.net.

Please find more images here or on the webiste www.altavaltrebbia.net.

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A valley for all seasons- pictures

Val Trebbia is a place to call home for many. Breathtaking landscapes have charmed visitors and locals for centuries. Here is a photo gallery of the most beautiful views you can find in the area in all seasons of the year.

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